Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Industry | By Faith Ward

Instagram Gets an Offline Mode on Android

Instagram Gets an Offline Mode on Android

Internet connectivity issues still exist widely out the USA, and even though Facebook is determined to provide wireless internet access using one of its many solutions to remote areas, those plans are still some way off from fruition. The company said they are working on iOS version.

Anything the user does in the app while offline will then be automatically applied once a connection is restored. People can even like, comment a video or a photo, follow or unfollow the people you visited and even save the media when offline.

For now, there is no mention on whether Instagram Stories will work offline or not. The offline mode is available for Android only for now. As this feature has seemingly been developed for users in developing countries where network connection is still not seamless, it is likely to receive a positive response in India where this particular kind of features have earlier been appreciated by users.

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Separately, Facebook's platform seeks to provide users in Asia, Latin America, and Africa access to the web, with a particular focus on job listings, healthcare, and education.

Facebook isn't the only one investing heavily in developing markets. While none of that would happen in real-time without a connection, it certainly will once the person's device connects to data again. A new data saver mode further reduces the amount of mobile data used. Chrome can store webpages so you can view them without Wi-Fi. The changes will be synced to Instagram's servers the next time you go online. Google Play Music uses artificial intelligence to cache music it believes you will like.

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