Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
Industry | By Faith Ward

Google to put a leash on fake news

Google to put a leash on fake news

"This can sometimes lead to results that are unexpected, inaccurate or offensive", said Ben Gomes, Google's vice president of engineering.

While Facebook has faced a backlash for the spread of fake news across its social network, Google has been criticized for results that leap to the top for specific queries.

In a bid to fight fake news and low-quality content, Google is updating its search algorithms.

Google is stepping up its war on fake news by tweaking search to demote low-quality content and offering tools for users to report offensive Autocomplete and Featured Snippets suggestions.

Google also planned to change its "autocomplete" tool, which suggests search terms, to allow users to more easily to flag up troubling content, he said. Recent reports claim that Google is doing its best to eliminate fake news by improving its search engine. More information on how Google identifies high-quality content from low-quality content can be found here. Just as editors at traditional media outlets have to curate content and separate fact from fiction, Google has to do the same on a massive scale for all the stuff published to the web. Those show up during a search session where Google will try to offer the most authoritative answer while it's in the process of finding your answer.

Ensuring that fake news doesn't surface in search requires "more structural" changes to the way search works, the company was quoted as saying Tuesday. Some folks have also accused Facebook of influencing United States 2017 election by promoting posts in favor of the candidate. "While our search results will never be ideal, we're as committed as always to preserving your trust and to ensuring our products continue to be useful for everyone".

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By now you're familiar with the problem of fake news.

"They simply give feedback about whether the results are good".

No single entity - not even one as big as Google - can eliminate fake news or bad content on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Google recently updated its How Search Works site to provide detailed info to users and website owners about the technology behind Google Search. The Mountain View-based company says it's been working on the changes to its search engine for four months.

Google also rewrote its 140-page book of rating guidelines that help the quality-control evaluators make their assessments. A similar feedback form is also available for any Featured Snippets, which appear at the top of some search results.

"That feedback is then used to reshape the algorithms - the recipes, if you will -that Google uses".

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