Published: Fri, March 03, 2017
Research | By Francis Brooks

Spotify Hi-Fi feature in testing, offers lossless CD-quality streaming

Spotify Hi-Fi feature in testing, offers lossless CD-quality streaming

Tidal HiFi offers lossless audio, plus videos in HD for $20-a-month, or $17-a-month if you prepay for the service for six months.

Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL all have different characteristics or elements that help differentiate their music-streaming service from each other. Some screenshots of the offer also mention discounts on limited-edition vinyl records and even a free record for signing up. However the pictures seem to reveal a odd Vinyl bonus with Spotify Hi-Fi, with the details offering "One free vinyl (record)" and "Discounts on limited-edition vinyls" as well as Lossless audio. The Verge points out that some Reddit users who received the prompt were unable to upgrade due to error messages or the service not being available in their area. One thing is for sure that if this service is liked by the existing Spotify users then definitely this music app will attract more users who use different applications for this objective. With smartphones switching to lossless services like Apple's Lightning connector and Android's USB-C, Spotify will do the same with the Hi-Fi. At present, one of the many advantages of buying CDs is that people can rip music off them in lossless quality, which audiophiles highly prefer.

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For the uninitiated, Hi-Fi music or lossless audio are audio files that don't lose any data in compression, resulting in higher-quality playback.

"We are constantly testing new products and offers but have not yet announced anything", the company says. While Apple Music has leaned on heavy marketing and exclusives for hit albums, Spotify enjoys a price advantage thanks to its unique free, ad-supported tier. While users have been excited by the new offering, it doesn't appear to be functional yet. This seems to be so-called A/B testing to discover how much extra users would be willing to pay for improved sound quality.

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