Published: Sat, March 04, 2017
Markets | By Terence Owen

Senate confirms former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to serve as energy secretary

Senate confirms former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to serve as energy secretary

The vote to confirm Perry came after the Senate confirmed retired neurosurgeon Dr.

"Perry lacks the knowledge and experience to run the DOE", Damon Moglen, a spokesperson at the green group Friends of the Earth, said in a press statement.

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, has been sworn in as head of the Energy Department after the Senate confirmed his appointment via a 62-37 vote.

Trump officially picked Perry for the post in December.

In his confirmation hearing, Perry said he would focus on renewing the U.S.'s nuclear weapons arsenal - consistent with Trump's mission to put the arsenal at the "top of the pack".

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When running for president in 2012, Perry promised to shut down three federal departments, including Energy. On planet Trumpton, the fact that Perry barely acknowledges climate change, has strong ties to Texas' oil and gas industries, and has no idea how to work the department's budget or maintain the nation's nuclear stockpile doesn't matter. Ben Carson as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, on a 58-41 vote.

Last month, senators approved the nomination Scott Pruitt to helm of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and yesterday confirmed Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT) for the Department of Interior. "The question is how do we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn't compromise economic growth, the affordability of energy or American jobs". However, during his confirmation hearing, Perry said he believed that both natural and man-made activity were contributing to climate change.

Cantwell also noted that most Americans may "remember him for his famous quip about wanting to get rid of an agency but then not remembering the name of the agency, and the agency he was talking about was the Department of Energy".

"President Trump called you to this role to serve as the 14th Secretary of Energy because of who you are because of what you've done".

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