Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Culture | By Henry Herrera

Netflix Testing Out 'Skip Intro' Button For Certain TV Shows

Netflix Testing Out 'Skip Intro' Button For Certain TV Shows

So far, it looks like the feature is only available on the web version of Netflix but that doesn't mean it won't expand to mobile screens. Netflix has yet to make an official announcement on the new feature. It works for shows that both open with a title sequence and for ones that have a sequence after a cold open.

The "skip intro" option may not be the cat's pajamas for every viewer, especially for those binge-watching "The Office". It seems that, for the moment, the feature is available for a handful of shows, including Iron Fist, House of Cards, Rick and Morty, and Doctor Who. But I can see why skipping the intro is a requested feature; viewers can only stomach House of Card's ominous time-lapse opening, which is almost two minutes, so many times.

The ability to skip intros has been a longstanding request of many Netflix users for some time now, The Verge reports. And if episodes are auto-playing for you, in many cases the opening sequence will be skipped automatically.

Of course there are some people who prefer their intros. The feature is ideal for when you've reached the cliffhanger end of an episode and need to know what happens next immediately.

Netflix said to PCMag via a written statement, "Given that star ratings have traditionally been used to indicate quality in entertainment, members were sometimes confused about how to think about rating a title".

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Title sequences are typically pretty short, so to me it's a non-issue.

The button apparently shows up when you hover over the opening credits.

This change in Netflix's rating system has been in development for a while. The new button to skip the opening credits will have you like, "Best friend's bachelorette party, what?"

Stop judging, Netflix! You can't have it both ways! Reportedly, Netflix will also soon start an algorithm-based percentage matching system which will show the users the movies that the person will be more inclined to watch.

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