Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
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Logan a mature, moving superhero movie

Logan a mature, moving superhero movie

Cape Town - For anyone who is a fan of X-Men, the tormented, but gentle-natured Logan, or Wolverine, is one of the most hard to love characters from the group.

When it comes to comparing his best appearances, many fans may argue about where each one ranks.

Jackman stated that he agreed to another Wolverine movie to give the character a much-needed ending. Hugh Jackman's curtain call for Wolverine, Logan opened stronger than expected with an $85.3 million haul. Including Logan, Hugh has played Wolverine on screen nine times and after this, some other actor will be roped in to play the iconic role. Plus, he doesn't want his movie to be an advertisement for something else. that doesn't even exist yet (though Mangold is hoping for an X-23 spinoff film).

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Logan presented fans with the idea Professor X's mind could be a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Professor X and Wolverine are protecting the young Laura who somehow holds the key to a better future. Realism. "Logan isn't considered your typical comic book movie". Logan is passionate handsome eulogy to a set of characters that made their way in to film and comic fans hearts everywhere. And while James McAvoy now portrays the character of Charles Xavier in the revamped younger version of the X-Men, no one has been selected to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Sometimes, the music can tell the story; Beltrami takes advantage of this, using music during the times when no dialogue is necessary to explain the emotion felt by the characters. The film is made under the huge budget of 97 million dollars, the film is directed by James Mangold and it is produced by Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner.

In the comic books, Wolverine has always been incredibly violent. While I wouldn't go so far as to call Logan a fluke-the movie was tracking well and had positive buzz-I do think it will be unique, especially when studios are so intent on building long-term franchises.

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