Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Sport | By Fredrick Flores

Le'Veon Bell barred from attending prom after student won Twitter bet

Le'Veon Bell barred from attending prom after student won Twitter bet

Pittsburgh Steelers star Le'Veon Bell has been banned from attending a Wisconsin high school's prom with a student, according to Annysa Johnson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

But the district has a policy that prom guests must be 19 years old or younger and without a criminal record, which makes Bell's chances to attend the dance low at this point, according to spokeswoman Terry Schuster.

Although not allowed at the dance, Bell reportedly told the student he will attend any pre-prom activities she is attending, will bring his family and pose for pictures before she heads off to her High School prom. The school district won't allow Bell to attend, citing his age and prior legal troubles. It was worth it she says, a player from her favorite National Football League team has said yes! Bell countered with 600 but the tweet garnered even more attention and surpassed 2,000 retweets.

Le'Veon Bell's prom date promise to one hopeful Steelers fan appears to have hit a snag. Bell's girlfriend was going to do Tarantino's makeup for the night.

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Bell was arrested on DUI and marijuana possession charges in August of 2014.

"I think, in this case, he's a celebrity". District officials say Bell does not meet their age policy.

While Tarantino's father understands Schuster's ruling on his daughter's potential date, he hopes something can ultimately be worked out with the school and that's he's filed the appropriate request. "And I think the fact that he's agreed to do this and to bring his family, speaks very highly of who he is as a person".

"We have to be equitable in the way we treat our students", Schuster said. Tough luck for Ava, but still a cool move on Bell's part.

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