Published: Wed, March 29, 2017
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Iran's president to meet with Putin; economic ties on agenda

Iran's president to meet with Putin; economic ties on agenda

Earlier this month, Rouhani officially announced that he is running for re-election. He called on the Arab nations attending the Arab Summit this week in Jordan to unite in helping to end the war because their ongoing differences enables "others to intervene or manipulate situations, creating instability, breeding conflict, and facilitating the life of terrorist organizations".

Rouhani and Putin are expected to discuss various topics including the war in Syria.

The brutal, six-year Syrian war has crucial implications for Russian Federation, which holds its sole Middle East base in that country. He expressed the hope that new steps aimed at boosting the Russian-Iranian ties will be proposed during his visit to Russia. "For Russia, Iran is one of their most important political allies", said Mohsen Milani, executive director of the Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies at the University of South Florida.

He said that Iran also has shown interest in purchasing Russian passenger jets and helicopters.

Ties between the two countries have drawn closer in recent years, in large part because of Syria.

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The two leaders affirmed their commitment to peace in Syria, where they have both backed president Bashar al-Assad, as well as introducing new economic cooperation mostly in energy and industry. "Russian Federation and Iran will continue to cooperate in this area in order to stabilize the global energy market and ensure sustainable economic growth", the statement read. And for Iran, Syria provided a stable land corridor through which to send arms and cash to the Lebanese Hezbollah. "Under the Obama administration Russia's now back selling weapons to Egypt, it has military there it hasn't had since the mid-1970s".

The relationship has blossomed under Rouhani despite the countries having a complicated history over territory, oil and Communist ideology.

Bolton said the Trump administration should make it very clear that the not going to accept Russia's expansion of influence in the Middle East - or an enhanced role for Iran in the region.

Following their meeting in Moscow, the presidents of Iran and Russian Federation took part in a joint press conference. Putin said the relevant documents were "under coordination".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Syrian peace talks sponsored by Tehran, Russia and Turkey would continue in Kazakhstan without specifying a date for the next round of negotiations.

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