Published: Fri, March 31, 2017
Markets | By Terence Owen

In Trump's White House drama, Priebus is favorite target

The Trump administration can't legally coordinate with these groups but Walsh's presence will signal to donors that here's a blessed place to park their cash.

Walsh was seen as an ally of chief of staff Reince Priebus and more orthodox Republicans in Congress. "No one can fix this problem better than Katie".

Walsh's departure comes as the Trump adminstration is mired in controversy over ties to Russian Federation and after the failure of Trump's first major legislative action, despite Republican control of both houses of Congress and the White House. They expressed confidence that the Walsh outside group - she'll be working with former senior campaign aide Brad Parscale and Pence confidant Nick Ayers - would work effectively with the other outside group sponsored by the Mercers.

French presidential candidate Fillon's wife placed under formal investigation
Mr Fillon had been considered the favourite to win the two-round presidential election, taking place between 23 April and 7 May. Le Pen also is under investigation for paying National Front employees out of her European Parliament staff allowance.

Saints coach Payton: Team not looking to bring in Manziel
Players can't be traded unless they are under contract, which is why the timing of Butler signing the tender is important. But we did have a chance to visit. "But I wasn't really part of any of the evaluation process".

Malaysia says Kim Jong Nam's body released to North Korea
In tit-for-tat moves, the two countries first withdrew their ambassadors, then banned each other's citizens from leaving its soil. Both women say they believed they were taking part in a prank TV show, a claim vehemently denied by Malaysian police.

Priebus and other White House officials stressed that Walsh was the one who made a decision to leave the administration. "Hopefully she'll put that to good use in support of the president". The group, started by Trump's 2016 campaign aides has had issues getting its operation off the ground and was notably absent during the public-relations push for the GOP's plan to repeal and replace parts of Obamacare. Politico's source for the story was quoted as saying that, "You've got to have somebody from the inside who has the blessing of the man himself" for a move like this.

Despite her low profile, Walsh has become a key player in the administration's inner circle and has grown close to the president in recent months. The group has also been roiled by organizational challenges.

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