Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Culture | By Henry Herrera

'Beauty and the Beast' dazzles again at box office

'Beauty and the Beast' dazzles again at box office

The film featuring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast is now ranked 55th on the all-time domestic list, noted Fortune. "I was also excited because they had used Broadway voices and the movie was a real homage to musical theatre up there on the big screen with animation the likes we had not seen before". The popular franchise from the '90s showed that they still have a solid following and it will be interesting to see how the film continues to perform.

Furthermore, the release of this film was mired in an absurd controversy regarding the inclusion of some homosexual content in the Gaston-LeFou storyline. There are also many wide shots contrasting Belle against her surroundings, for example you see Belle from the top of the castle as she rides off in her bright yellow dress to rescue her father.

Think about all the young Belle's out there, becoming stronger women who make their own choices with the new Belle as a role model.

It is possible the movie was designed for this generation of kids and teens who may never know or understand the ingenuity and unadulterated content of the original film because when I hear the words "Beauty and the Beast", I picture the porcelain-like Belle with rosy cheeks, spinning around, the witty and adorable enchanted servants with true facial expression, giggling and conversing, and the colors of each room in the castle expressing warmth. Beauty and the Beast is also 4th at the 10-day mark with $319 million, again behind the same three movies in the same order. However, the story went deeper than the animated film when it addressed the death of Belle's mother back in Paris.

So those are some of the improvements that were made that I thought made this film very enjoyable to watch.

All the school children are wearing proper attire and even Belle has almost the same outfit she did in the original animated film.

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Redemption is found in the character of Belle, who lives in the nearby countryside in a town of simple everyday, conventional people. Right now Power Rangers is headed for $100 million in the U.S., with all of that in mind the film is performing well enough for them and depending on worldwide numbers (not great so far) a sequel might eventually get the green light. I, too, felt that life was "boring" and "dull".

Beauty And The Beast reached the $700M milestone in 12 days and has been running ahead of comps like The Jungle Book, Maleficent and Cinderella in many markets.

But if they have majorly revised the plot, let me know, okay? Watson's Belle reminded me that we are all capable of being attractive and smart, fierce and kind, and most importantly, fearful and brave.

"It was sort of the flawless marriage of everything that I've wanted to do", he says. "Belle and her father are considered odd because they change and age!"

Not even just these characters were portrayed well, but even the clock, the tea pot, and the wardrobe, and even small rolls like the ladies in love with Guston on the street in the first musical were really just great interpretations of the real thing. I think remaking movies, especially ones as classic as this can unquestionably be a hard thing to get it right, but it seems like this movie did just that, an incredible recreation. The Beast takes Belle to "the place her heart desires", which is the place where she was born, to learn more about herself. Overall, the movie was full of color and energy, and I hope to be even more impressed with future classic Disney live-action remakes. Russian Federation and several other countries set age restrictions on the film, and a theater in Alabama even barred it from showing because of this aspect.

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