Published: Thu, February 02, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Pet snake gets stuck in woman's gauged earlobe

A woman from Portland, Oregon, has shared photos on social media showing her pet snake apparently trapped in her ear gauge.

Unfortunately, the giant hole in Glawe's earlobe was not giant enough for the snake, who ended up getting stuck there.

Ashley Glawe said that she was holding the snake, named Bart, when he made a decision to dive into the hole in her ear.

"I like froze instantly", said Glawe.

According to CNN, the snake wasn't attacking but "pythons just like hiding in holes".

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"I tried to get him out myself". Glawe grabbed some cooking oil and tried to slide him out, but that didn't work.

Ball pythons, by the way, aren't poisonous. Then the fire department came, but they didn't have any luck.

If you're wondering what happened next, well rest easy as both Glawe and Bart are safe and healthy.

Glawe said that doctors at Portland Adventist Hospital treated the reptile dysfunction by numbing her ear and using "stringing to pull and stretch it out more so that they could get him out without hurting him".

Before Glawe could pinpoint what was going on, she believed Bart was attacking the side of her head.

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