Published: Tue, February 14, 2017
Culture | By Henry Herrera

How to spot your other half is 'Netflix cheating'!

How to spot your other half is 'Netflix cheating'!

"Netflix cheating" is on the rise, according to a global survey by the streaming service.

Nearly half of couples who watch Netflix together end up doing something completely normal: skipping ahead on shows behind their partner's back. Indeed, 63 percent of cheaters say they'd gladly do it more if they knew they'd get away with it, and almost half of those who do the dirty are repeat offenders - once a Netflix cheater always a Netflix cheater.

Have you ever snuck in an episode of you and your partner's favorite show while they were away?

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The number is about three times higher than it was in 2013. Most people said that they didn't plan to cheat - it just happens as 83% of cheating in the Asia-Pacific Region is unplanned with major triggers including "shows are just so good we can't stop bingeing" (60%). You open the laptop and, before you know it, the credits for episode eight are rolling. Netflix surveyed of 30,000 people all over the world to determine how often and why people cheat.

Most cheaters are also repeat offenders as 44% globally admitted to doing it more than thrice.

The person most likely to cheat in the United Kingdom is a man under 40 years old. The biggest culprits were Brazil (57%) and Mexico (58%), while Netherlands was the most loyal with only 27%. Typically, male Netflix cheaters have their own Netflix account and are most likely to cheat when their partner is out of the house. The top shows that have tempted lovers to stray include The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad - but let's be honest, if you haven't watched all of Breaking Bad yet, that's on you.

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