Published: Thu, February 09, 2017
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Donald Trump Accuses Media of Selective Reporting

Donald Trump Accuses Media of Selective Reporting

The list includes the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, the Paris attacks, the Niece truck attack and more.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer clarified the President's comments saying Trump meant to say the media doesn't give some attacks the attention they deserve.

A White House spokesperson told The Huffington Post's Sam Stein that the list comprised "ISIS or ISIS-related attacks on Western targets from [2014-16], ***MOST*** of which were not widely reported on". "The New York Times this weekend had an outstanding piece of reporting about how ISIS has been reaching out, is more involved in some attacks in Europe and overseas", Washington Post columnist David Ignatius said on CNN's "The Lead" on Monday in response to Trump's statement.

This has left plenty of room for reflecting on Trump's repeated use of Islamic terrorist attacks, or the mere threat of such, as a reason for justifying his recent immigration and refugee ban.

"Too many of these cases that have happened whether you're talking about San Bernardino, Atlanta", Spicer said. "We have seen what happened in Paris, Nice, all over Europe", Trump said while speaking at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida in his address to USA service members. "All over Europe, it's happening", the Commander-in-Chief told his soldiers.

The release of the list came after Trump suggested in remarks at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida that the media was intentionally avoiding reporting on terrorist attacks.

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DONALD Trump has smashed the media again, branding them "dishonest" and saying news outlets are covering up terrorist attacks.

The White House said "most" on the list did not get sufficient media attention, although it did not explain how it defined the term. He said the White House would issue a list of underreported terror attacks to substantiate Trump's claim.

Mr. Spicer called the article "literally the epitome of fake news".

Not included, for example, is last month's attack on a Quebec City Mosque, in which a Donald Trump supporter shot into a group of 50 Muslims praying, killing six and wounding eight.

Omissions: The list of attacks is badly flawed, in part because of what's on it, but also because of what's not on it. Apparently the White House felt that atrocity had gotten plenty of media coverage.

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