Published: Fri, January 20, 2017
Industry | By Faith Ward

Pokémon Go Raked in $950m in Revenues Last Year

Aside from those, there is one update that could draw the ire of some "Pokemon Go" players.

Niantic has released a new update to Pokemon Go today on both Android and iOS.

We will report back with more details on Pokemon Go's server issues as information becomes available.

As Forbes explains, egg-hatching is heavily influenced by small shifts as it is tracking using Global Positioning System. There have reportedly been changes made to distance tracking which could pose a problem to folks who keep their smartphones logged on and for long spells. According to The Daily Express, the tracking changes will possibly make it even more hard to hatch Pokemon eggs this time.

It's worth noting that you may not have any trouble logging into Pokemon GO at the moment.

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Windows 7 is outdated technology
He emphasized that the Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft , provides the highest security level to its users. If last year's statistics were any indication, the operating system isn't ready to leave the top of the charts yet.

According to Forbes, GPS drift is the phenomena that takes place when satellites get scrambled and unsure about your exact position, causing your character to jump to and fro on the in-game map, thereby counting toward your egg hatching or Buddy walking distance.

The second bullet point is far more interesting, as Global Positioning System drift has been a significant issue ever since Pokemon Go launched on iOS and Android past year. Support for an in-game news feed has appeared, meaning we may soon see Niantic announcing events and changes through the game itself.

We'll it seems like they do, as with update 0.53.1 just released, a few data miners at The Silph Road have gotten their hands on all of Niantic's Generation 2 content which was hiding inside of the latest update. The said upgrade brings evolution items, new moves, and new Pokemon.

For one, the winter months in many parts of the world make it oftentimes hard, or even impossible for players to step outside and walk.

Nevertheless, the update also introduces a number of minor "text fixes" and an updated Apple Watch app that now also displays eggs obtained from PokeStops.

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