Published: Sun, January 29, 2017
Research | By Francis Brooks

Apple just patented a vape

Apple just patented a vape

Apple may be dabbling in cars, wearables, and other technologies outside its core smartphone and computers business, but here is an area few people would expect the Cupertino, California company to enter.

Using a vaporizer - that is, the act of vaping - has officially been deemed uncool by society, but will that stigma remain if Apple gets into the game? It's also highly possible that the company may introduce the technology as a separate device, particularly made for vaporizing. To be clear, it's just speculation, and Apple didn't respond to the author's inquiry. The application mentions no human intervention along with no clarity on the materials to be used for the development of this device.

The pages outline plans for a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber that heats up a substance to form a vapor.

Apple just patented a vape
Apple just patented a vape

The document presents several diagrams picturing conversion of vapors of a present sublimated solution or substance. Per the patent, this vaporizer will feature a chamber in which a "substance" is placed to be turned into vapor using a heating element. The patent may very well just be a preemptive strike from Apple, as most patents stand today - set in place to prevent others from doing similar plans, even if the originator doesn't do anything with the granted patent.

It's not clear from the filing what substance is actually meant to be vaporized in the device. Some of the other patents credited to him also focus on semiconductor fabrication, MacRumors reported. The company has been the tech industry for a decade now and has never disappointed its users with its products. As the substance is consumed, this heated plate slides lower to make up for the increased empty space, the end result, according to Apple, being consistent vaporization of a liquid or solid substance.

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